Angra dos reis is a marvelous city and an archipelago composed of around 365 islands, where the mountains embrace the tropical waters. You will certainly dive and discover an impressive aquatic flora and fauna, or even among galleon’s wrecks sunk during epic fights against pirates. Today, the colorful fishes, the dolphins and the sea turtles have replaced swords and cannonballs.

You will feel peaceful in this archipelago where no car is allowed. Only boats will connect you to the wide diversity of islands, and especially to Ilha Grande where pousadas have settled and where monkeys, hummingbirds and tropical species have lived for centuries. Everywhere, you will find an opportunity for a trek to reach the top of Ilha Grande, 1000 meters above water. The journey may not be that easy despite the very good indications along the trails, but the final view on Angra dos Reis is worth all the efforts.

And when the night comes and the sun hits harder, you will love to explore the town of Angra dos Reis whose colonial style and history is still very present.